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What language are you speaking Ana?!

The Asian Destination :: Yalla Yalla

I’m glad you asked that one. The language of FOOD.

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The Art of Fashion

The Asian Destination has joined forces with Feed You Fashion to calm your Fashion Week withdrawal symptoms. This fashion webzine aims to “inspire, update and parley”. Stylish and sophisticated, Feed You Fashion is definitely a site worth following.

In this guest post Lucy, founder of Feed You Fashion, reveals the Indian cultural influence behind two beautiful S/S’14 collections.


Let’s assume for a second that all designers lived under one roof – a big brother house situation, if you will! Sure, based on new conversation their designs would begin as deductions from curious encounters but with time, and a lack of interaction with the outside world, such enthusiasm and spirit would falter. This is purely because fashion breathes through creativity. Innovation is accumulated through experiences and the ways in which these experiences are interpreted are based on our culture.

Fashion Week is a prime example of such diversity, an assortment of backgrounds and cultures, which is what allows designers to create such contrasting fashions.If you look close enough, these origins seep through the seams.

It’s September. It’s time to welcome a flood of fashion, as we take on this month dedicated to our sartorial needs.


New York Fashion Week has previously introduced us to two Indian designers – Naeema Khan and Bibhu Mohapatra. Khan launched his label in 2003 and Mohapatra, having resigned as Design Director of J. Mendel in 2008, went on to launch his own brand under his name. The latter’s designs showing fewer connections to his Indian roots, which may be due to his years spent at the French fashion house.

The S/S ’14 woman of Naeem Khan is all about elegant femininity.


Hemlines happily follow few rules, ranging from floor skimming to thigh skimming and setting a liberating example for shape. The common denominator being a cinched waistline to gracefully celebrate the female form. The Khan woman is a romantic, yet proves she does not fear the borders of her comfort zone as reserved silhouettes are made daring by descending necklines, thigh high slits, chiffon and open backs.

Perhaps most notable of the collection is the patterning; if garments are not lavished from seam to seam in elaborate prints, then such designs creep across dresses from various angles. The print heavily reminiscent of traditional Indian henna – the intricate patterning typically used during Hindu weddings and festivals.

The story is in the print.

Naeem Khan S/S ’14

Image Source: Vogue

For Bibhu Mohapatra, the S/S ’14 woman is much more angular with an air of modernist chic surrounding her.

Bibhu Mohapatra S/S'14

3D flowers act as the cherry on this sartorial cake, either creating shoulder armour, fanning across waistlines or concealing cardigans. Where buds and sequins did not appear, mini peplums and micro pleats were on hand to make up for the missing texture. Not to mention, the thick dress straps, which left little shoulder or décolletage visible in order to cement their presence. The Mohapatra woman is sophisticated and concise, teaming her pencil thin skirts to her leather jackets.

The delicate hues and feminine patterning of the collection hint at romanticism, however every angle reeks of opposition.

Bibhu Mohapatra S/S ’14

Image Source: Vogue

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Destination: Inspiration (111) 21st April 2013

Do What is right

‘Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same’

– The Fray

Why is it that when we know we should do something, we often put it off?

We are surrounded by constant reminders that time is precious and that we should seize the chance to make our own unique mark on this world before it is too late. Yet still, we procrastinate, still we possess a naivety that time will somehow stop for us.

If you were to look back in 5 years time, 10 years time, 20 years time, would you feel satisfied that you had devoted your life to something that you were passionate about or would you look back with regret at the chances you were too scared to take?

For anyone graduating from university, the world can be viewed in two ways: through one lens it’s exciting, filled with abundant possibilities. Through another lens however, the prospect of unemployment in an increasingly competitive job market can make life’s opportunities seem little more than a Utopian fantasy.

So what do we do? Everyone has different desires and interests. Some crave the fast-paced corporate life yet it is not for everyone. Others feel peer-pressured into following a certain path, I know I often do.

But what is the right decision? I guess it depends on the person.

Perhaps in some situations, it is better to take the ‘road less travelled’ and to look back at a series of stepping stones culminating in your own personal success story.

It may initially be the hardest path to follow; you may come up against backlash from friends and family advising you to stick to the more traditional routes. Ultimately though,  it’s your life to be lived, no one else’s.

Isn’t that better than tirelessly working, promising yourself you will ‘start living your dreams’ once you reach retirement?

So Today:

Take a minute to really think about what it is you are truly passionate about. What is it that ‘lights you up’?

Live as if you have already retired!

Start living TODAY, with purpose, happiness and enjoyment.

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