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Chai & Chats with: Roshni Chugani

The Asian Destination talks to recent Fashion and Retail Management graduate, Roshni Chugani, on how she has managed to incorporate her passion for painting into a new and exciting business venture. The Bedazzled by Chugani collection comprises of hand-painted religious artwork, delicately embellished to create the perfect decorative piece for any space.

Bedazzled By Chugani

The Asian Destination (TAD): Congratulations on your Bedazzled collection! So tell us, how did Bedazzled start out?

Roshni (RC): As I grew up I was inspired by abstract colours, cultures, stones, embellishments and creativity, which drove me towards wanting to paint in my free time. During my holidays, I would make paintings of Hindu gods and give them to family members, which slowly, unknowingly spread the hidden talent I had inside me.

Photo by Roshni Chugani

Photo by Roshni Chugani

TAD: What was the driving force that took your Bedazzled collection from being a recreational activity to a business venture?

RC: A slight push from my family and friends and a lot of spare time over the lengthy university holidays!

TAD: What made you decide to represent the line yourself instead of opting to showcase your line through another company or organisation?

RC: My paintings are more personal hence, apart from exhibitions, I take made-to-order pieces. Each painting is important in its own way; I like creating my pieces as I go, with no pressure from above. This way I have the freedom to individualise every piece of art.

Photo by Roshni Chugani

Photo by Roshni Chugani

TAD: Your degree in Fashion & Retail Management has clearly had a great influence in helping balance channelling your creative energy with a clear business mindset. What do you think of the increasing number of graduates starting up their own businesses, rather than opt for the traditional schemes? Do you have any advice to those wanting to tap into their own unique creative talent but are hesitant about doing it alone or seek out an established company?

RC: In such a competitive world today it is a big risk to start up your own business, but I believe that if you follow your dreams and make your passion your business you will succeed, no matter what.

My mother once taught me a quote that I carry with me every day:

Strong Willpower

‘My willpower is strong and based on this, I can overcome any obstacle’

Photo by Roshni Chugani

Photo by Roshni Chugani

TAD: What are your influences and what do you need to take into account when tailor-making a personalised piece?

RC: The biggest factor in personalised pieces is time. Being able to commit to a painting means that it must be the best piece of work I can produce. I also have to understand more about the recipient of the painting; what they want, what it will mean to them, again adding to the individual nature of the paintings.

TAD: How do you feel with the responses from Bedazzled so far? What’s next for you and Bedazzled?

RC: Bedazzled has received good recognition through word of mouth – the most powerful marketing tool. Given that the challenge is relatively new, I am still looking at better ways to market and attract more customers – without growing too big to ensure the personalisation element is not lost. Simply creating more Bedazzled paintings should market the product in itself.

Photo by Roshni Chugani

Photo by Roshni Chugani

TAD: Are your pieces available for overseas shipping?

RC: Yes! Any of my pieces are available for overseas shipping.

Photo by Roshni Chugani

Photo by Roshni Chugani

So how do you get your hands on a one-off piece from the Bedazzled by Chugani collection?

Email: roshnichugani@gmail.com

Find ‘Bedazzled by Chugani’ on Facebook: www.facebook.com/bedazzledbychugani


Find ‘bedazzledbychugani’ on INSTAGRAM!
Photo by Roshni Chugani

Photo by Roshni Chugani

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