Don’t Be Scared To Be Open

There are certain situations I tend to avoid.


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Being a B.I.B:: How Has Depression Affected you?

Today’s post was meant to be something completely different entirely. As my first B.I.B. post, I’d wanted to keep it light-hearted but I couldn’t shy away from the truth and the issues I’ve faced as a person first and foremost.

But also as a British Indian Bengali girl.

The Asian Destination :: Depression :: being a BIB

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Do All Deeds With Love


I find that any task I undertake that I love, does not feel like work. Instead, I look forward to planning it, carrying it out and completing it.

There are many things in life we may have to do in order to achieve a particular goal. However, isn’t life too short not to pursue the very passion that causes your spirit to lift?

Try to remember when you last felt inspired and then ask yourself, what did you achieve as a result? Did you use that passion-filled energy to do something great? Or did you package that inspiration and store it for ‘someday’?

Remember: TODAY is SOMEDAY</em and pretty soon you will only be left with 1 day.

Don’t you worry…and don’t be afraid!


Ever get scared of shining? No, leave the Twilight references thank you! We mean downplaying your own achievements because you felt guilty?

Yes? Well DON’T!

We’re all meant to shine in our own unique ways so don’t belittle yourself just to fit in with someone’s perception of you!
Stand tall and don’t be afraid to reach the stars – you deserve it after all!

The only important thing to remember when flying…


Being selfless is a good quality to have.
However, don’t forget to look after number one. If you keep ‘giving too much’ you run the risk of resenting the people you’re helping because you won’t have the time or energy to do the things you enjoy.

We might all switch off when they show us the safety procedures on the plane but remember this:

Make sure to put your own oxygen mask on first before helping other people.

Self-worth. Do you have it?


Have you ever settled for something because you were too scared to wait it out for something you really deserved?

It might be a person, friendship or relationship.

It might be a job, course, university.

It might be a flat or a house.

Don’t be afraid to acknowledge your self-worth. That means facing your fear to stand your ground and not settle for a partner, job or house that you know deep down is wrong for you.

Today: Be strong. Stand your ground. And don’t be scared to stand up for your self-worth.

Tag. You’re it! We dare you to step out…


Whether you are scared of trying something different like a new class or something, meeting someone new or entering a competition – there’s always the fear of rejection!

Today, why not face that fear. Even if you end up not liking that class or not winning, at least you took the risk.

Do you suffer from this too?!

‘Do one thing everyday that scares you’

– Eleanor Roosevelt.


It’s the start of a new academic year. At least in the UK it is, and it’s only just starting.

For some of us, this might not mean much, especially if you’ve had a long summer working, be it in at a full-time job or studying for a particular academic qualification. In my case, autumn approaching leaves me asking: where did the summer go and how is it September already?!

September is usually the start of ‘new beginnings’ in terms of the academic year. New goals are being set and new aspirations are made with hope.

September also means multiple new notebooks and that dreaded ‘first blank page syndrome’.

Not sure what I’m talking about?

Have you ever felt intimidated of starting work on that blank page because you were worried it wouldn’t be ‘perfect’?

The blank page may come in various shapes and sizes. It may be the team/part you never tried out for because you weren’t in ‘perfect shape’ and ‘it wasn’t the right time’. Or maybe you never started that project because you didn’t ‘just the right’ lighting, resources or money.

Sound familiar?

I’m sure we’ve all experienced the hesitance at starting something before we were ready, for fear of not being perfect.

I’ve been putting off  the ‘facing a fear’ series for that very reason!

Facing A Fear Everyday (FAFE) is aimed at doing something out of my comfort zone and taking a step towards being better, every single day.

It doesn’t matter how tiny the step is, as long as you keep moving forward.

So today: Whatever it is – START. Take that first step and test your FAFE!

If you liked this post or if it inspired you to try and join me FAFE then get in touch!

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Are you prepared to sweat your way to success?

Are you willing to sweat it out?
You’re going to need to. The road to success isn’t all glamourous. It’s sometimes dirtied with roadblocks and potholes. You might trip up, you might fall down. There will be times when you want to give up. But the most important thing is to remember that 1% inspiration. Remember the reason for all your hard work; remember why you started.