Face A Fear Everyday Don’t Rely On The Opinion’s Of Others

“You can’t pull off that lipstick”

“They’re only that successful because they were lucky”

“Sometimes we just have to settle for what we can get”

Face A Fear Everyday:: Don't Rely on other people's opinions

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Do you have The Fear?


Do you have the fear of missing out?

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Face A Fear Everyday :: It’s Okay Not To Be ‘Cool’

Face A Fear Everyday :: It's Okay Not To Be 'Cool'

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Face A Fear Everyday :: July Update

I don’t believe in coincidences. Do you?

The Asian Destination:: FAFE July

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Face A Fear Everyday:: Don’t Be Afraid To Be Selfish

I like to think that life is a balance between being selfish & selfless.

Face A Fear Everyday:: Don't Be Scared To Be Selfish

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Did you Face A Fear in April? Here’s mine…

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Don’t Be Afraid To Go The Extra Mile

This Month’s #FAFE is in loving memory of my maternal great-grandmother, who sadly passed away last week.

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A Little Valentine Birthday Wish

So for those of you that have been staying updated with #FAFE, you’ll know that the month of February was: ‘Don’t be scared to be yourself’.

This #FAFE in particular requires a little help from some dedicated TAD readers…


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February’s Face A Fear Everyday – (Try Saying That With Your Mouth Full)….

Face A Fear Everyday for February

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Have you broken your New Year’s Resolution yet? Here’s ours…

If you’ve been following the blog since January onwards, you’ll know that for 2014, I didn’t want to try the usual New Year’s resolutions.

Instead, I wanted to try something different and more sustainable which is why I started #FAFE or #FacingAFearEveryday for each month of 2014.


–If you remember, the #FaceAFearEveryday for January was to try something new, so now that’s it’s February, let me share with you all how I got on!

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Happy New YOU in 2014 & #FAFE2014 Launch!

Wishing our TAD readers a very Happy New Year!

Let’s start today by honouring where we’ve come from while we pursue our dreams for 2014 & now for a little surprise

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Are you scared to commit?!

It’s always the same story, isn’t it?

You may say all the right things, have all the best intentions and wishes BUT actions speak louder than words.

Don’t be afraid to commit:
1. To a cause.
2. To trying your best, every single day, without fail.
3. To achieving your wildest, most unattainable goals.
4. To one single person, to your friends and your family.

But most of all. Don’t be afraid to commit to to a very important person:


What does that mean?

It means, commit to being authentically you.

Don’t be pressurised into doing or agreeing to things that don’t ring true for you.

Be confident, be dedicated and be committed in your actions. Success will surely follow.

Happy Weekend!

Love The Asian Destination xo

Pinch Punch, First Of The Month!

Hope you’ve all enjoyed a very Happy Halloween and are ready to embrace the new month of November!

This November looks as if it’s going to carry forward the chill that October in the UK seemed to leave behind BUT have no fear! At The Asian Destination, cold hands are definitely trumped by warm hearts.

1st of November deems it acceptable for us to be splurging on a few of our favourite Winter Warmers

  This salted caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks had our name on it – we just couldn’t resist!


Any Harry Potter fans out there? We got all wrapped up in this scarf…


So with a warm drink and a cosy scarf...what better to curl up to than a nice pile of books.


How was your first day of the month?

If you enjoyed this new addition to The Asian Destination, let us know! We’ll be adding a little Instagram Photo Diary on the 1st of every month.

We’re also looking forward to adding to our ‘Face A Fear Everyday’ series this November so stay tuned.

In the meantime November, we think you’re going to be a good month – we like you already!

Hope all our readers have had a good start to the month.

Love from,

The Asian Destination xo


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Don’t you worry…and don’t be afraid!


Ever get scared of shining? No, leave the Twilight references thank you! We mean downplaying your own achievements because you felt guilty?

Yes? Well DON’T!

We’re all meant to shine in our own unique ways so don’t belittle yourself just to fit in with someone’s perception of you!
Stand tall and don’t be afraid to reach the stars – you deserve it after all!