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Chai & Chats with: Amillah Javed

Business owner AND still a student?!

The Asian Destination (TAD) talks to Amillah Javed (AJ) about how her online jewellery company started & what makes it so unique!


TAD: Tell us a little bit about Precious Pieces. The face behind the name, how it all started. Is this your sole profession or more a hobby that turned into a business venture?

AJ: Well, hello! My name is Amillah Javed and I am currently in my second year of University. I have always been buying sellable jewellery from EBay, local markets and ordinary high street shops and have been selling to family, friends and in my local area. As the years went by, my passion for selling jewellery increased and it didn’t take long to start selling vintage inspired jewellery and scarves under the name of Precious Pieces. Therefore, I would agree and say this started off as a hobby which I am now trying to develop further into a successful online business.


TAD: You advertise quite a lot of your pieces on social media such as Instagram & Facebook, how do you think social networking sites have impacted on your business so far? Do you think there are downsides to it as well?

AJ: I think the world has moved on and more and more people have started using the internet, or should I say “social networking sites” to do their shopping from personal items, household grocery, gifts and much more. It is definitely an easy option to sit and browse the internet from home, work or wherever internet access is available. As a result, I think my business benefits from this because everyone (online buyers) are so addicted now and have turned online shopping into a habit. Ultimately, I believe social networking sites are powerful and are seeing a dramatic growth!

However, there are also disadvantages because an increasing number of people have started to create businesses solely through social networking, like myself. Therefore, this means I have more competition in this constantly expanding society.


TAD: How do you feel about other rival jewellery companies working in the same way? What makes your pieces unique?

AJ: If you have the determination and enthusiasm to set up a business online, this makes it much easier to start a business. Currently, I have noticed that more and more people have started to work in this way! I’ve learnt that in any field of business, you will always find competition lurking right around the corner. So, other rival jewellery companies challenge me to become bigger and better more than anything else!


Precious Pieces offer affordable, stylish and vintage inspired jewellery and scarves which are different, startling in design and appearance. So, whether you’re looking for that statement piece to add sophistication to your outfit or you want a quirky, unique touch – Precious Pieces have got you covered and noticed within a crowd!


TAD: You donate 10% of your profits to charity. What are your views on corporate social responsibility?

AJ: I think that we are all capable of helping others in whatever way possible and by donating 10% of my profit to charities (chosen by my audience) is the best possible way to help the needy. Therefore, by purchasing items from Precious Pieces not only helps my business to grow but you are also helping those who are suffering and need help in this world right now!


We have been donating to Islamic Relief towards the Syria Appeal and hope to start supporting many other charities too.


TAD: What’s next for Precious Pieces?

AJ: We are looking forward to starting up a website soon and although we are in our early days yet, we hope to expand further and further. With the love and support we are currently receiving, we are hoping we will go far!


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Would you turn a blind eye?

To commemorate 100 years of Rotary, this hand painted cover by Nirlay Kundu is available in both limited edition cover as well as printed version. Please get in touch for further enquiries.

This commemorative philatelic cover is available in limited edition of 40 hand painted as well as printed editions. Please send me an email or get in touch with the artist, my uncle: Nirlay at

Would you turn a blind eye?

Imagine eating without being able to see your food.

No, your eyes aren’t closed.

You’re eating in pitch black and being looked after by blind guides, ushering you in and out of this surreal experience they are so accustomed to.

For a few hours, that was exactly what I was doing a couple of weeks ago. I had the unique opportunity of eating at one of these ‘Dans Le Noir’ restaurants. The complete absence of one sense, my sight, not only heightened my other senses to provide a unique culinary experience but also increased my awareness, respect and empathy for those with any sort of visual impairment.

Naively I had thought that my eyes would grow familiar to the darkness and be able to focus after a while. I was wrong. For a couple of hours, my eyes were rendered helpless and I was left feeling around my plate in an attempt to ascertain how much food was left. Simple tasks like pouring water into a glass were made that much more difficult; not only did I not know where my glass was…I could not tell when to stop pouring!

As Edouard de Broglie, president of the Ethik Investment Group, which owns the restaurants says: “When you see disability as a difference, but not as a problem, then it brings you to very interesting concepts and ideas”. He believes corporate social responsibility is the root of the company, and more than 50 percent of the staff has a disability.

I have such a greater appreciation and awareness of those that do have a visual impairment. The blind guides that waiter for the evening wear T-shirts displaying a quote from Twelfth Night by Shakespeare: “There is no darkness, but ignorance”.

As I entered to eat ‘dans le noir’ I was apprehensive about the dining experience that awaited. Yet as I emerged out of the dark into the light reception area, I left knowing that the blind guides had opened my eyes to a different world.


For some, blindness may be unavoidable. Organisations such as Dans Le Noir, with a great level of corporate social responsibility, offer hope and increase the level of awareness surrounding such visual impediments.

However, there are some forms of blindness that can be prevented. So many poor people across the world suffer unnecessarily or seek medical assistance too late to prevent irreversible damage to their eyesight.

The Guildford Rotary Eye Project aims to prevent and cure avoidable blindness across the world. The charity was founded in 1998 by a Rotarian & Guildford consultant ophthalmic surgeon with a vision for restoring the sight of 1 million people.  Originally, the Guildford Rotary Eye Project focused on Kolkata, in West Bengal in India, providing training for eye surgeons, equipment, buses to transport patients to and from hospitals to their rural villages and mobile eye screening camps amongst other facilities. Today, the Rotary Club of Guildford Eye Project carries out more than 40,000 operations per year in the Indian sub-continent, Africa and other developing countries.

This is why, the 10K run I’ll be doing on the 6th July, 2013 will be in aid of The Guildford Rotary Eye Project. For those of you that know me, the fact I’m volunteering to run a 10K will surprise you. If you would like to sponsor me or find out more about how and why I’m doing the July 10K race, please visit:

£5 could buy you: 5 x McDonald’s Big Macs

£5 could buy you: 2 magazines

Or you could donate £5 and give someone the gift of SIGHT.

Which gift would you rather?

Are you are interested in the commemorative philatelic cover (Above) available in limited edition of 40 hand painted as well as printed editions?

Please send an email or get in touch with the my uncle, Nirlay at

A donation of £10+ to the Rotary Club of Guildford’s Eye Project will get you your own copy!

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