#ALSIceBucketChallenge and India’s #RiceBucketChallenge

So this happened…

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Brunch at The Gilbert Scott

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Happy Bengali New Year! শুভ নববর্ষ (Shubhô Nôbôbôrshô!)

শুভ নববর্ষ – Happy Bengali New Year!

Happy Bengali New Year

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Bite The Bullet

For a long time I’ve wanted to make TAD a little bit different. A little bit like me…a little unique.

There’s something I’ve been meaning to post and do on here for a while & I’ve realised there’s no time like the present. So, come back and tune in to TAD because before the start of December, there will be something new coming to theasiandestination.com


at The Asian Destination xo


Destination: Inspiration (103) 13th April 2013

Love All

Love All – It’s easier said than done isn’t it?

We want to ‘love’ with exceptions. Not this person because they annoyed us and not that person because they betrayed us. When actually, the real test is whether we can acknowledge and accept the fact that anything that annoys us about a certain person, actually mirrors  a certain issue or ‘niggle’ we have about ourselves.

When we do accept the idea though, it allows us to truly Love All.

Trust Few – It’s okay to be vulnerable but choose wisely. Some people genuinely care, others may want to prey on your vulnerability.

Do wrong to none – treat others the way you would like to be treated.

So Today: Love All & Live your life in such a way that if anyone were to speak bad of you, no one would believe it!

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