Friday Fun Suspended Coffees and Look Mum No Hands!

One of my favourite parts of London is the South Bank. Whether I’m visiting the same place over and over again, I can always take away something new. The last time was no different because: Look mum no hands!

Look mum no hands!

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Friday Fun:: Let’s Sushi Samba

 It’s been a year since I first went to Sushi Samba but let’s just say my head might still be in the clouds…

The Asian Destination:: Sushi Samba

and with a view like this, can you blame me!?

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Time to RumBungo…

The Rum Kitchen is a great little place to meet for casual drinks after work or to warm yourself with some tasty helpings of jerk chicken and forget about a cold and rainy London town!

The Rum Kitchen

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Are you a member of The Club?

Are YOU a member of The Club…or are you a Scaredy Cat?

The Breakfast Club

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Who Needs Cloud 9?!

 Who needs Cloud 9 when you could be on Cloud 23?

Sometimes you just need to be surrounded by some of your closest friends to lift you higher..and obviously sometimes they lift you high enough to reach Cloud 9, 23.

Located on the __floor fo the Manchester Hilton Hotel, the bar offers a panoramic view of Manchester; Though on the pricier side for Manchester, drinks prices are still a reasonable price compared to London.

If you’re looking to celebrate a milestone, which we definitely were, this is the palce for you.

Big groups, you’ll need to book in advance for the guest list orsmaller parties, you may want to queue on the night.

The Asian Destination – approved.


Friday Fun:: Drinks at The Savoy

So we made a rookie mistake at The Savoy…

 The Asian Destination :: American Bar at The Savoy

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