Tuesday Travels Destination Singapore

There’s a million and one places still left for me to visit but what I love to hear about other people’s experiences.

Destination :: Singapore

Destination :: Singapore has been on my bucket list forever.

Here my good friend Roshni tells me what to expect.

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Friday Fun Suspended Coffees and Look Mum No Hands!

One of my favourite parts of London is the South Bank. Whether I’m visiting the same place over and over again, I can always take away something new. The last time was no different because: Look mum no hands!

Look mum no hands!

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A Digital Revolution

‘Ana, do you want to come to a Tech Convention?’

A Digital Revolution

Slightly different for me, I’ll admit.

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The British Tag!

2 videos in one week?! Cor Blimey!!

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Being a B.I.B:: How Has Depression Affected you?

Today’s post was meant to be something completely different entirely. As my first B.I.B. post, I’d wanted to keep it light-hearted but I couldn’t shy away from the truth and the issues I’ve faced as a person first and foremost.

But also as a British Indian Bengali girl.

The Asian Destination :: Depression :: being a BIB

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Being a B.I.B.

I get this quite a lot::

‘You’re Bengali…so, you’re from Bangladesh?’

The Asian Destination :: Being A BIB

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The Perfect Cup of Cha(i)

Chai :: The Asian Destination

Now, everyone likes their tea in different ways. I’m not judgin’

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Friday Fun:: May Cause Glastonbury Withdrawal Symptoms! Oxfam Stewarding 2014

Can’t quite believe it’s already been almost two weeks since Glastonbury!!

The Asian Destination:: Glastonbury 2014

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Camera Wars at Wimbledon

Waiting in line for The Queue at Wimbledon Tennis can take hours…good thing we know how to pass time…

Camera Wars at Wimbledon Tennis

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Rape is Not A Women’s Issue

Rape is not a women’s issue or a humanitarian issue.

The Asian Destination:: Rape is Not a Women's Issue

It is a global issue.

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Tuesday Travels :: Florence

Florence is a TAD favourite. And no, we decided this way before Kimye’s wedding…

The Asian Destination :: Tueday Travels:: Florence

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Spiritual Sundays :: Where actually IS God?

 So this might be a bit controversial..

Where is God?

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Two sides to #IncredibleIndia

 ‘It’s not like any other country I’ve been to’

‘One day you absolutely love it & the next, everything overwhelms you and you end up hating it.’



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Happy Bengali New Year! শুভ নববর্ষ (Shubhô Nôbôbôrshô!)

শুভ নববর্ষ – Happy Bengali New Year!

Happy Bengali New Year

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Feel Good Film of The Year?!

I don’t really have a favourite Chetan Bhagat book (I love them all – please don’t make me choose!!) – but the story behind 2 States sure does come close!

2 States

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