Being a B.I.B:: How Has Depression Affected you?

Today’s post was meant to be something completely different entirely. As my first B.I.B. post, I’d wanted to keep it light-hearted but I couldn’t shy away from the truth and the issues I’ve faced as a person first and foremost.

But also as a British Indian Bengali girl.

The Asian Destination :: Depression :: being a BIB

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Rape is Not A Women’s Issue

Rape is not a women’s issue or a humanitarian issue.

The Asian Destination:: Rape is Not a Women's Issue

It is a global issue.

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Spiritual Sundays :: Where actually IS God?

 So this might be a bit controversial..

Where is God?

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Two sides to #IncredibleIndia

 ‘It’s not like any other country I’ve been to’

‘One day you absolutely love it & the next, everything overwhelms you and you end up hating it.’



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Are you one of the ones slamming the #NoMakeUpSelfie?





There’s a lot of people hatin’ on the #NoMakeUpSelfie trend…

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Breast Cancer Awareness



The big ‘C’ affects us all in one form or another. It claims parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters. We all have our own reasons for fighting all types of cancer. Amongst many other causes, breast cancer is one that is important for The Asian Destination. In the UK, breast cancer awareness is quite prominent; only a daily commute, one may see up to 5 adverts asking you whether you know the ‘5 signs of breast cancer, yes 5′.

Compared to other cancers, breast cancer research may appear well funded but there is always more than can be done, more that can be raised, more that can be donated to truly make a difference.

It may be the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month but that does not mean the fight against cancer stops here.

Education is key and remembering it could happen to any one of us, male or female.

And for those of you wondering what 5 signs of breast cancer are:


nipple changes



breast pain/tenderness

rashes in the chest area

Find out more here

Make a difference and donate to Cancer Research UK

Or find out more about how you can get involved.