Chai & Chats with: Jesbir Bahia

I’m a glass full kind of guy’


Graduating in 2012 and already climbing the corporate ladder, Jesbir Bahia (J) tells The Asian Destination (TAD) how he still keeps up his passion for music and what he hopes the future has in store.

TAD: Tell us a little bit about your new band. What’s the name of your band? How many band members?

J: The new band is a 4 piece, drummer, 2 guitars and a bass. No name as of yet – still working on one.

TAD: What sort of genre of music?

J: Indie, blues, jazz, rock and a bit of funk.

TAD: Do your Asian roots have any influence on the band’s music?

J: Asian roots don’t really influence the band’s music but you never know I might whip out the dhol for a song or two!

TAD: How long have you been a keen drummer? (We seem to remember you trying to teach some Uni friends in the halls library…!)

J: I’ve been drumming since I was 16 so not that long really.

TAD: Did you ever want it to become a career for you?

J: I would have loved for it to turn into a career but unless you get famous in a band or similar– there’s not much money in it. Equally, there are a lot of amazing drummers out there.

TAD: Where is your band performing at the moment? What does the future hold?

J: Not got any fixed gigs planned at the moment but it is still early days. The band has only been together for a few months but hopefully the future will go like so:

  1. Practise and become amazing (overnight if possible)
  2. Play a few gigs – get noticed – then signed.
  3. Get a number one hit within a year.
  4. Have a best-selling album.

-I think that might be a little optimistic but hey I’m a glass half full kind of guy!

Glass half full or not, we’ll be keeping a close eye on Jesbir’s band so stay tuned for regular updates!

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