Monday Musings:: Balancing a PhD & The Asian Destination

The left hand photo, to the untrained eye may look like it merely contains flasks of coloured liquid.

My fellow research students will know, they contain a lot more. They contain our lives.

The Asian Destination :: Balancing a PhD and The Asian Destination

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Being a B.I.B.

I get this quite a lot::

‘You’re Bengali…so, you’re from Bangladesh?’

The Asian Destination :: Being A BIB

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You Choose What You Want To See



Bank Holiday Monday is off to a gloomy start…

But are you focusing on the shadows the clouds are making or the light that manages to peek through onto the fields?

The Asian Destination :: You Choose What You Want To See

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Are you one of the ones slamming the #NoMakeUpSelfie?





There’s a lot of people hatin’ on the #NoMakeUpSelfie trend…

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Honouring A Great Leader


‘Death is something inevitable. When a man has done what he considers to be his duty to his people & his country, he can rest in peace’

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Give what you can this #GivingTuesday! Be #Unselfie -ish!

Today is #GivingTuesday and also a day to take an #unselfie.


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3 Things To Remember For The Holidays

It’s the last day of November. Have you made the most of it?

It’s been a busy month but I know that December will completely flies by as work gets wrapped up and sprinkled with Christmas festivities.

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Are you ticking things off?


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WANTED: Accountability Partner 2014

Recruit An Accountability Partner

So it’s nearing the end of November – How did that happen?!

We all know what that means; the holiday season is upon us & the New Year is fast approaching.

I hear you say: ‘It’s not even December yet!!’

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We’re surrounded by angels.

Whether you believe in a religion or not, people surprise us.

Humankind is kind when we least expect and sometimes angels walk amongst us in human clothing.

Acknowledge the beauty of our species.

We may be so diverse, so different yet fundamentally we are all the same.

We want to make sense of the world, we want to figure it all out. We want answers at the same time as trying to relish this crazy, weird and wonderful opportunity we have called life.

Embrace the adventure and appreciate the angels when they choose to cross your path. xo


Something exciting…

Excited to announce the arrival of

The A List

Coming soon to The Asian Destination.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates 😉


Take time to just breathe….

Make sure you:
Take time to stop and smell the roses
Take time to stop and state.
Take time to really THINK.
Take time to breathe, evaluate and make informed decisions…