Chai & Chats with: Iqbal from Desi Desciples

“People can’t take a brown person seriously in hip-hop”

Chai & Chats

 Read The Asian Destination’s exclusive interview with Iqbal from Desi Desciples.

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Chai & Chats with: Madina Rahman

She may still be in high school but she has a voice way beyond her years. Madina Rahman (MR) is surely set for great things in the near future and talks to The Asian Destination (TAD) about her career plans, college and Madina Music.


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Chai & Chats with: Asha Dahya

Founder of Girl Talk HQ, Asha Dahya (AD) talks to The Asian Destination (TAD) about wanting to create a positive media environment for women and their importance in society.

Asha Dahya

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Chai & Chats with: Alix Marina-Chouhan

‘La Vie Est Belle’– Lumière Photography 

Lumiere Photography

– Well life always seems beautiful when you have Alix from Lumière Photography capturing the most precious moments of your life! The Asian Destination (TAD) catch up with Alix (AM-C) on her passion for photography and her love of Asian weddings!

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