Spiritually Indian, Openly Asian, Proudly British Bengali

The Asian Destination (TAD) 

1 girl’s take on life as a British Indian Bengali living in London.

Hi, Welcome & Namaskar,

The Asian Destination is a personal blog written by myself,



I am :: currently a full time PhD student by day, sometimes evenings and occasionally weekends

but with an equally full time love

 for the written word.

This blog started out in 2012 as a space for me to celebrate all things Asian.

Anecdotal travel advice, Festival celebrations and Daily doses of inspiration.

Yet more recently,it has become my sacred thinking space;

it’s become a place where my scattered thoughts find order

and I can share the issues, causes or places 

I am passionate about.

Making a sustainable impact on the lives of others is something really important to me.

Though sometimes this might seem daunting;

as individuals we often feel like what we do has no real significance on the world,

I truly believe::

that each and every moment is an opportunity to the best version of ourselves

and in doing so,

it may even inspire others to do and feel the same.

Ever since I can remember, I have been painfully shy.

To the point where shyness would battle with anxiety and I just felt stuck.

Over the years,

experience has been a challenging yet necessary teacher

and though I would still call myself


it’s not as painful as it once was.

Somewhere along the line,

I realised::

that without pushing to be that much bolder,

that much louder and that much braver,

we often come away regretting the chances we didn’t take.

And I didn’t want that to happen.

The Asian Destination has held me accountable to my 2014 resolution::

 facing a fear everyday (#FAFE) whilst representing content I am proud to post on TAD.

So, whatever may bring you to The Asian Destination,

I hope you enjoy your stay!

With the variety of topics, there should be just enough masala for everyone.

All you need to do is stay tuned!

Feedback, discussion and lively conversation are always welcome so why not take a minute to comment or to sign up for email updates.

TAD can also be found via the links below.

Email Ana :: theasiandestination@gmail.com or fill in the comment form below.

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