Don’t Be Scared To Be Open

There are certain situations I tend to avoid.


Even though I know they might be good for me in the long run, I’m held back by fear.

This month trying to be more open which actually relates to a lot of things.

Today for example: 

Being open to being a different sort of healthy: The Green Juice. 

Now, it’s been around a while but everytime, I’ve usually winced and decided not to pick it up to buy. I’ve had friends that have done a ‘juice cleanse’ at university and at the time I remember thinking it was a nice idea, just not for me. 

With a number of new milestones coming my way I thought it was time to brave the green monster. 

Instead of buying something, I decided to go it alone and make up my own concoction. 

So actually the only ingredients are: 







and about a small cup worth of water

Though green might not LOOK the most appetising of colours, I have to say, I’m quite impressed at how ‘ fresh’ a drink it is. 


Any more juice recipes anyone has, let me know!

Ana | The Asian Destination xo


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