Tuesday Travels Destination Singapore

There’s a million and one places still left for me to visit but what I love to hear about other people’s experiences.

Destination :: Singapore

Destination :: Singapore has been on my bucket list forever.

Here my good friend Roshni tells me what to expect.

Where did you stay?
R: Stayed on Orchard Road which is known to be the ‘hub’ of shopping in Singapore.
The top 5 places I visited:
R:  Marina Bay Sands– absolutely spectacular area and view. It was a hotel, which had a indoor high end shopping mall across it.
With Singapore’s biggest Casino. It was by the river and walking distance from the Singapore Wheel and Botanical Gardens which is one of the most visited tourist attraction.
2.    Universal Studio– This is a must visit.
Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 17.58.02
3.     Santosa Island – Santosa Island is a fantastic day out
4.  Orchard Road  a place where you can ‘literally’ shop till you drop. From high end to high street fashion.
5.     Clarke Quay – Where the night starts and ends- the best clubs and bars packed into one area!
 Favorite Destination?
R: KUDETA Rooftop Bar at Marina Bay Sands
The Country in a sentence?
R: “The city is like a very BIG RESORT”
Destination: Singapore
You weren’t expecting to find…
R:…All the Taxi Driver’s to be able to speak English. In fact everyone spoke amazing English!
Favourite part of the culture?
R: Multi-Cultural
What were the people like?
R: People are so polite and welcoming
Destination :: Singapore
Something you miss about the country?
R– The shopping and sightseeing
Any Memorable Phrases?
R: no sentence doesn’t end with a “lah” it’s cliché to say, but when your there and you hear it, it is funnier than mocking it. Strangely enough you seem to get the hang of saying ‘lah’ at the end of every sentence once you leave Singapore!
Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 17.57.33
Memorable experience?
R: Friends and I were hungry at 2am! And we were able to leave the hotel and find Arabic food at Singapore’s ‘Arab Street’ which was open all night! Infact they even have a China Town and Mini India that is open all night.
A Mis/pre-conception people may have?
R: Singapore is one of the safest countries in Asia. Just re-emphasizing, how safe it is to find a cab or even walk on the roads at 3am alone.
One thing the guide books won’t tell you?
R:  To check out a store called ‘candalicious’ in Santosa Island. It is candy fantasy land! Live on Orchard Road, Marina Bay Sands, OR Santosa Island. It is the Best location! Spend a little extra on the location but enjoy it to the fullest.
Would you go back?
R: Anyday!!

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