Friday Fun Suspended Coffees and Look Mum No Hands!

One of my favourite parts of London is the South Bank. Whether I’m visiting the same place over and over again, I can always take away something new. The last time was no different because: Look mum no hands!

Look mum no hands!

It was a completely serendipitous find; I could hear the music playing before I could see the van.

The bigger version of this Bar-Cafe-Bike Workshop quirkily called, Look mum no hands! is located in Old Street. Rumour has it the insides have been adorned with sunflowers and offers a cute alternative to your average coffee pit stop.

A chance stroll down the South Bank and there is its younger brother, a pop-up, enticing passers-by with music playing underneath the Hungerford Bridge.

Look mum no hands!

One can’t help but look on curiously at the effortless yet relaxed atmosphere the place manages to exude. Fairy lights and bunting manage to take London from being dreary to dreamy.

Look mum no hands!

Look mum no hands!

Look mum no hands!

The place stays true to its name with bike knick knacks scattered around making this a novel addition to London’s Southbank decor.

Look mum no hands!

Look mum no hands!

This place is a bit of a Jack of all trades: Cafe-Bar and Bike Advice all rolled into one.

Look mum no hands!

I don’t have a bike but that didn’t mean I couldn’t indulge in a little decadence in the form of a slice of chocolate and almond cake.

Look mum no hands!

What I loved most though, apart from the surroundings…(what’s not love…)

Look mum no hands!

…is that this place offers a Suspended Coffee.

Look mum no hands!

If you haven’t heard of the Suspended Coffee – it’s basically a coffee that you pay for and that gets ‘suspended’ for a person that is in need.

So next time you’re walking along the South Bank, why not pop along to find Look mum no hands!

Can’t wait?

Look mum no hands!

Hungerford Bridge,

Queens Walk Southbank

SE1 8XX. Opening hours. Mon–Sun 11:00–23:00.


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