A Digital Revolution

‘Ana, do you want to come to a Tech Convention?’

A Digital Revolution

Slightly different for me, I’ll admit.

But my friend suggested attending the Digital Revolution at The Barbican Centre a few weeks back and let’s just say, I was intrigued.

What is this Digital Revolution, you ask?

You might not see yourself as ‘techie’I most certainly definitely didn’t – but the reality is that digital technology surrounds us.

Digital media, whether you are aware or not, has been incorporated into art, films such as Gravity, music videos and of course games.

The benefit for anyone attending the Digital Revolution is that you get to experience all these first hand in one creative showcase exhibition.

It’s quite an interactive experience.

We started off by travelling back in time for a bit:

Reminiscing with old monitors such as this really reminded us how much technology has advanced:

A Digital Revolution

Until we got distracted by the wide variety of computer games on offer.

Old school Pac-Man to more innovative graphics, this place was a gamers’ dream.

The expo is divided into various sections including Digital Archaeology to DevArt, where art has been made from code.

We particularly liked Sound & Vision where we got to experience how musician will.i.am and Yuri Suzuki have been experimenting between analogue and digital music to produce a live piece such as Pyramidi 

A Digital Revolution

Other pieces to look out for here are Arcade Fire’s interactive video: The Wilderness Downtown as well as the app Biophilia (Björk ) and REWORK (Philip Glass Remixed) by Scott Snibbe Studio.

Today is the last day of The Digital Revolution, so if you’re in London and after something different, make sure to go check it out.

If anything, it’ll be a chance to enjoy the progress of tech today and it’ll give you the chance to enjoy being a big kid, playing computer games.

Just remember: Always remember to spread your wings & fly!

A Digital Revolution

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Can’t wait?

All details can be found here.


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