#ALSIceBucketChallenge and India’s #RiceBucketChallenge

So this happened…

Yesterday, we were talking about the #ALSIceBucketChallenge at dinner.

Why film and share it, why not just donate?

 I came home and thought about this some more.

I’ll admit, even though I knew that Stephen Hawking suffered from motor neuron disease it actually took the viral spread of social media, for me to put 2 and 2 together & realize that he was an ALS sufferer.

We’re a generation of sharers – we thrive on it; whether it’s photos of food, our company, our gifts and our thoughts.

Today, however much you want to resist it, the amazing power of social media has the ability to spread awareness RAPIDLY. So we might as well ensure that we use it for a good cause rather than for procrastination, right?

Now so many more know what ALS is, so much money has been raised & that number is still increasing.

Thanks to Avi for the nomination…

As my fellow research students will agree, research for diseases that aren’t a priority or that don’t have enough funding is difficult. Even the smallest progression in scientific research is hugely expensive so hopefully the funds raised and the awareness will go some way to making a difference to ALS sufferers.

If you only watch one more #ALSIceBucketChallenge, make sure it’s the one linked below.

No textbook definition can explain what ALS sufferers have to go through on a day to day basis better so make sure you go check it out & also if you haven’t already, you can donate here (in dollars)  or Visit Just Giving page (UK) or Text ICED55 followed by an amount (such as £5) to 70070 or call 01604 611860 referencing the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’

I nominate Victor, Ron, Koustuv, Soumya, (you’re used to having cold showers & pouring water over your heads 😉 no need to waste the water, now you can shower for a great cause!) Annabelle, Cam, and Alex to take on the ice bucket challenge –

And now for something different: India’s Alternative to the Ice Bucket Craze is simple:

The #RiceBucketChallenge

Which involves:

Donating a bucket of uncooked rice, a bowl or a meal to someone less fortunate.

If you are Indian or have links to India then I’m sure this cause will resonate with you. To be honest, I’m sure with the spread of social media and the way the #RAKNominations (#RandomActsofKindnessNominations) took off, it won’t be long before this is not restricted to solely India.

I’m sure you know of someone that will benefit from you giving them some food, be it a bucket of rice. Price of food is increasing rapidly in India and for many; even the essentials are too expensive.

 This definitely won’t be a replacement for something more sustainable.; I don’t always believe in giving ‘hand-outs’ because of the dependency it can create especially when more than anything we want to encourage self-sustaining resources and independence.


 There are people that can benefit from that instant donation of food right now. There are people that will go hungry tonight whilst that non-profit is finalizing their sustainable development action plan for next week.

There are people that will go hungry tonight whilst another law is being debated for another 6 months in parliament.

What if you could solve that hunger just for tonight, a few days, a week with one bucket of rice to tie a family over until the real change is implemented?

We have that power, why not use it?

I’m getting involved and I nominate the people I know to do the same.

(Ahem Lauren Neal, I promised you I wouldn’t nominate you to throw ice water over you…but this you’ll have to do!) Suman, Annabelle, Olga, Hymke & Emily, Victor, Ron, Koustuv, Soumya, Sourya, Annabelle, Cam, Josh and Alex

Give a charitable donation in the form of food to someone who is in a much less fortunate position – doesn’t matter what country you’re in!

-Be it one bucket/bowl of chaal (uncooked rice) that can be stored (more relevant to those in India)

-or a cooked meal or food, just to someone who might benefit from it.

Don’t wait until you’re tagged or nominated but make sure you pass it on!


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