Face A Fear Everyday :: July Update

I don’t believe in coincidences. Do you?

The Asian Destination:: FAFE July

This month, my Face A Fear Everyday was to not be afraid of doing what I love & feel proud.


The Asian Destination:: FAFE July


The Asian Destination:: FAFE July

Taking Photos

The Asian Destination:: FAFE July

I mentioned previously, that when I first started the blog, I didn’t tell anyone.

I am a very private person and telling more people about theasiandestination.com made me feel very vulnerable.

This was and is my sacred space of internet and it’s helped me grow in more ways than I could have imagined.

I’ve come to a point where I don’t want to feel embarrassed, I want to feel proud. I never really thought other people would be reading the blog apart from my family members & a handful of very close friends. But to this day, I am humbled everyday I receive a message on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram or an email, saying that something on the blog has struck a chord and helped in some way or another.

Never be ashamed of your journey; it might be the soure of inspiration for others.

This month I made a decision to step into that vulnerability and be bold.

Everyone’s boldness is different & starts with one tiny step.

One tiny step may be a mountain for some though.

Each time I feel embarrassed whipping out my camera to take a photo –

I stop, smile & remind myself.

There is no shame in doing something that you love (obviously within reason & you are not intentionally hurting others!)

In public or in restaurants, this can be embarrassing.

In London, and alike, there are so many snappy happy tourists that it’s not too bad. But other places will attract a fair few odd glances.

In each situation that causes me some confusion or discomfort or embarrassment.

Whose approval am I seeking: theirs or my own?

If the people, whose approval I am seeking, weren’t there, would I carry on doing what I am doing?

If I can answer yes, then I know that I must continue.

-Whether it’s to take a photo in a crowded restaurant.

Whether it’s to talk about The Asian Destination to people that seem to turn their nose up.

Whether it’s to stand up for something or someone that is important to me or for something I know to be right.

Whether it’s to go against the wishes of someone you value.

Would you still be making the same decision, the if those people weren’t there?

You have your answer.

When you make a decision and you step into that uncertainty, the magic happens.

I truly believe this.

The Asian Destination:: FAFE July

The first week of July, I was suffering from Glastonbury Blues But also ready to embrace my July FAFE and truly commit to being open about The Asian Destination.

Monday 7th July

I received the news about The Asian Destination making the Cosmo Blog Award 2014 shortlist.

Coincidence? Maybe to you but for me, it was something more.

Each time I face a fear, however tiny, I know it is a little personal victory. After all, self-esteem is acquired through keeping promises to ourselves.

Makes sense, right?

We would all probably agree that it is a great feeling accomplishing someone said we wouldn’t be able to.

What if that person we proved wrong was our fearful selves?

There is something so scary about taking that first step.

But I’ve come to realize, there are invisible forces that won’t let you sink when you make that brave move.

Go on, what’s the worst that could happen? Like I said in that very first FAFE video, it’ll either end up as a great story to tell or the best decision & a great lesson.

“Whatever you can do, or dream, Begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it – Begin it now.”

What fear are you facing this month?

Ana | The Asian Destination xo

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The Asian Destination has been shortlisted in the Cosmo Blog Awards 2014 for Best Lifestyle Blog

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2 thoughts on “Face A Fear Everyday :: July Update

  1. Very interesting.. I really believe that there is something more to coincidences… a God, fate, destiny, karma etc. etc. and I love hearing about other people’s experiences. Good luck in the awards!! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua Italy

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