Camera Wars at Wimbledon

Waiting in line for The Queue at Wimbledon Tennis can take hours…good thing we know how to pass time…

Camera Wars at Wimbledon Tennis

Wimbledon 2014.

Petra Kvitova defeated Eugenie Bouchard today in the Wimbledon Women’s Final today.

Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer will be going head to head in the final tomorrow.


Will you be queuing for ground passed this weekend?


This was my first time waiting in The Queue for Wimbledon.

Having worked at Wimbledon for a couple of years, I was excited to enjoy having the whole day to experience the day out at The Championships.

Many avid fans camp the night before and camp. My friends and I weren’t THAT adventurous, however my good friend Alex and I did arrive early at Wimbledon station.

Whilst we waited for our other friends to join us, Alex introduced me to his new obsession…

Camera Wars at Wimbledon Tennis

…his camera.

Needless to say, time flew by…as we went head to head in camera wars!

Camera Wars at Wimbledon Tennis

Camera Wars at Wimbledon Tennis

Camera Wars at Wimbledon Tennis

If you are going for The Queue, get there as early as possible, particularly in the first week, this rule definitely applies.

However, the final weekend sees fewer visitors so chances are you’ll speed through!


We ended up making ourselves at home on the neighbouring grass for quite some time….but half the fun is being with everyone.

Camera Wars at Wimbledon

Camera Wars at Wimbledon Tennis

…and being rewarded with stickers…obviously.

Oh and did I mention taking photos is a great way to pass the time?!

Camera Wars at Wimbledon

Before we knew it we were moving…albeit quite slowly.

Wimbledon know how may people they allow through the gates from The Queue and that’s why they’ve tried to make your wait in line as enjoyable as possible.

You’ll find opportunities to try your hand at a bit of tennis yourself, free squash from Robinsons (An Official Wimbledon Sponsor) and take a few Queue Selfies!

We even got serenaded by a band as well..

Camera Wars at Wimbledon

Camera Wars at Wimbledon

And finally…

Camera Wars at Wimbledon


In the first week, you’ll get to see players milling around warming up before play starts on Court No. 1 & Centre Court at 1pm.

Tip: Opposite Court 11 is a good bet on the first week!

 In the second week, a good place to settle yourself is Murray Mound, Henman Hill, The Hill.

After soaking up the atmosphere of the village itself,

Camera Wars at Wimbledon

Camera Wars at Wimbledon

Camera Wars At Wimbledon

we watched

Andreas Seppi vs. Leonardo Mayer

image-40 image-39 Camera Wars at Wimbledon

and the start of Flavia Pennetta vs. Jana Čepelová.

You don’t need to be Debenture Ticket Holders to enjoy a day out at Wimbledon.

It’s just a great day out best served with friends, a cool Pimm’s and a touch of sun.

Camera Wars at Wimbledon

My day was also one for role reversals.

2 years ago, whilst working at The Championships, my friend Pareesa had visited me after I’d finished my shift.

This year, we’d swapped roles, with me queueing and her working!

Camera Wars at Wimbledon

Where are you planning on watching the final tomorrow?

Here’s a few handy hints for Queuing at Wimbledon:

-Southfields Tube is closest to The Queue

-Get there as early as possible!







-Be wary of the advertisers!

 I remember this from when I was working but there is a rule that certain items are not permitted if they are not official sponsors of Wimbledon.

They even have a sign inside saying who the official sponsors are.

So if you’re tempted to buy a newspaper (which is not one of the official sponsors) be prepared to give it up during the security check!!

I remember while I was working, any water plastic biottles not Evian, would be confiscated!!

-Only 1 bag allowed per person


-Re sale tickets go on 3pm

But queues start early!


   Ask for no ice if you want more for money!

They’re trained to sell you a bit short unless the customer specifically asks for ‘no ice’!

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2 thoughts on “Camera Wars at Wimbledon

    • I’ve only just seen this – but thanks so much for your comment!
      Now that I’ve braved The Queue once, I’ll definitely try and go as early as I can. If you don’t mind an early morning, then it’s well worth it 🙂

      I’ve just checked out your blog as well – you have a gorgeous layout & didn’t realise you went to Glasto as well!

      Have a blessed week!

      Ana xo

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