Face A Fear Everyday :: Do More of What You Love

Face A Fear Everyday:: July 2014

Have you ever kept quiet about something you love? 

You're passionate about it but you just don't think that other people will understand or share the same appreciation for it as you do?


I'm shy. But you knew that already. 

My face a fear this month is to do more of what I love, regardless of whether there are people that share the same interests. 

I take too many photos and I love it. Though, there are times when I need to psyche myself up to take photos when I know there will be people watching...

I blog and I'm proud. 

But if I'm honest, for a long time, I didn't tell people. Why? Because it made me vulnerable; it exposed me to the judgement of others. 

Recently someone close to me said they knew me more from reading my blog than in person and it struck a chord. I express myself best through writing and that's always been the case. But I want to be able to be able to talk to people in person about my passions, my interests and my opinions. 

It's one step to just write this and make myself accountable. But it's another step to follow through and start putting it into practice. 

Here's starting to do more of what I love and being proud of it. 

Anything you want to work on this month? 
Wishing you a beautifully warm July Black sun with rays️
Ana | The Asian Destination xo 


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