Boopshi’s: Schnitzel & Spritz

Fridays are reserved for: Universal chip eating day, Girly catch ups…and improving somewhat limited German!?


Thanks Katy for the Photo!

Tucked away down a side street off Goodge Street station, this cosy little place is sure to become an Austrian hotspot.


What the place lacks in seating, it makes up for in style, ambience and manner.

Something that was also lacking, was my grasp of German! Sadly my primary school knowledge didn’t extend too far but luckily for me, my translator and old friend Katy, was on hand when needed.


Even with the short menu, we had to keep asking for a few more minutes (what happens when you get girls together on a Friday evening!) but finally both decided on the pork schnitzel, mine with a duck egg, some frites and Spatzle ‘N Cheese.


Katy, my personal German translator.

Katy, my personal German translator!

In between catching up, we admired the surroundings and the decor. I always love using ordinary items for quirky storage uses so naturally I loved the flower vases. Having spent a while in Germany, Katy informed me the glass bottle of Almdudler, was actually a popular Austrain soft drink. This authentic touch gave the place some extra brownie points since I love attention to detail (if you hadn’t already gathered when I went to Dishoom).




Though the Spatzle ‘N Cheese was a bit runnier than expected, overall the food was great, filling and accompanied by a few fruity drinks, made for a perfect Friday evening.

We went early evening but by the time we left the music was louder and the place had a chilled out #TGIF vibe.

Before we left, we made a trip to the ladies.

I actually wasn’t going to go but I can honestly say I’m so glad I did…!!

Clearly designed for small people – (Katy & I are somewhat vertically challenged) & this place seemed to have had us in mind.

But that’s not what I loved.

The bathrooms are shared between Boopshi’s and the basement bar.

So as we went down to the ladies, we walked down and realised we’d been missing out on a secluded basement bar area similar to the hidden The Mayor Of Scaredy Cat Town below The Breakfast Club.

Upon leaving, we actually realised that there was a separate entrance all along but the unexpected discovery ended up making Boopshi’s an even better find.

Visit Boopshi’s:

-to catch up with an old friend,

– to try out somewhere new

– for the authentic attention to detail

Can’t wait?

31 Windmill Street
London, W1T 2JN
(nearest tube stations: Goodge Street and Tottenham Court Road)
Open 12 – 11pm Monday to Saturday, 12 – 10.30pm on Sundays

We’d recommend:

-Booking at weekends to avoid disappointment

-Go early evening mid week

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The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town

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