Lunch On-The-Go? It’s Always Innocent…

We live in a world where we’re constantly moving, rushing hurriedly from one activity to another.

Often we end up having to just grab some food on the go. When your work hours are late, your fridge is empty or you just need a shot of refuel, being Innocent comes in quite handy.


And what is the above?!

The Vietnamese Curry from the Innocent Food Collection!

I’ve always like an Innocent smoothie. Packed full of fresh ingredients and quirky designs, their finished product is always a treat. As well as that, I’m a person who loves hidden messages in packaging; secret jokes, funny small print – the more the better I say!!


What I hadn’t tried before was their Innocent pots though friends have raved about them before as a healthy alternative to a ‘ready meal’ particularly in times of stress…e.g. Exam Time.

The other day, I decided to try out the Vietnamese Pot.


All you need to do is heat in the microwave, stir and enjoy!


 and of course there were a few more classic Innocent touches which made me even more glad I’d chosen to be ‘Innocent’ rather than anything else…!



Not to mention give 10% of its profits to charity…

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