Are you one of the ones slamming the #NoMakeUpSelfie?





There’s a lot of people hatin’ on the #NoMakeUpSelfie trend…


I know there’s a lot of people slamming the #nomakeupselfie trend.

Take a read here to see what I mean.

It is definitely true that, the real heroes of this campaign are those bravely fighting their battle with cancer every single day, struggling to keep their dignity, strength and self-esteem intact. However, in my opinion, anything that has the power to raise cancer awareness, promote research fundraising and unite people can only be a good thing. If it hasn’t already, cancer will affect us all either indirectly or directly at some point.

It’s amazing to see the power of social media helping to raise over £2 million for charity so quickly – so let’s keep it going & quit bitching about the #nomakeupselfie


I’ve donated, now it’s your turn! Get involved, Text BEAT 70007 to donate £3. Guys, don’t think you’ve escaped – for you, it’s drag time (see the first link for details)!



from The Asian Destination xo


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