Don’t Be Afraid To Go The Extra Mile

This Month’s #FAFE is in loving memory of my maternal great-grandmother, who sadly passed away last week.


Death has this way of shaking us all up doesn’t it?

It puts things into perspective and centres us back to the reality of what there really is in life. We enter this world with nothing and we leave this world with nothing.

Some may argue then, what is the point? Is this just a huge waste of time?

I would argue differently.

A few days before my great-grandmother passed away, I was reminded about the idea that for life to sustain itself on earth, death needs to occur.

Now we can take this both metamorphically and physically:

For you to survive, you need something else to die for you –

be it a plant, fish or animal for food.

Metamorphically speaking, a relationship, job or even attitude may need to ‘die’ in order to generate a breakthrough.

But like Newton’s Law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The universe sees death of one thing, being or circumstance as an opportunity for another.

Ever watched an army of ants demolish a dead animal?

What does this have to do with this month’s Face A Fear Everyday?

Well, so often we’re scared of trying because we’ll fail, we don’t take a risk because we don’t want to fall. Sometimes though, it’s not the fear of failing that’s scary, it’s the fear of success.

My great-grandmother’s passing has reminded me of the fragility of life, how there’s not enough time to aimlessly walk through life hoping it’s going to work out in the end without putting in the effort. 

This month, I vow to go the extra mile, after all, what is the worst that can happen?

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