Don’t Wait for a #NEKnomination or even a #RAKnomination!

So this past week, I’ve been feeling inspired.


Last week, my friend sent me a link to this:

At the time I hadn’t even heard about #NEKnominations (yes, shows how much of a rock I’d been living under!) but this alternative seemed great. Since then, more #RAKnominations have surfaced

Now, some may argue that videoing and posting a RAK defeats the point and is merely done in the hopes of increasing one’s ‘social media presence’.

My personal opinion is that we shouldn’t have to wait to ‘RAKnominated’ before we ‘commit’ a random act of kindness, it should be something we aspire to do, regardless of who is watching us do it. Integrity after all is doing the right thing when no one is watching.


A global phenomena that inspires people to actively be more kind to others can surely only be good, right?

Though random acts of kindness are committed everyday –

from giving a homeless person some food or clothes to paying the toll charge for the car behind you.

The cynics reading this will scoff, but these happen everyday, whether they are posted online or not.

HOWEVER the power of sharing them takes one random act from being an isolated event to a movement that has crossed continents. It becomes an exciting global event that unites people of different countries, cultures and beliefs with a universal language: kindness.

In align with these RAKnominations, it is also Random Act of Kindness Week (10th-16th February 2014)

This little fact and the fact that it’s the week my birthday falls on inspires me to do that much more.


Maybe this is a belief that has been born out of wanting a day that I didn’t have to share with

the commercialised frenzy of people searching for last minute gifts or ways to show they care about someone. But as a Valentine’s Birthday girl, I have always believed that we shouldn’t wait for one day a year to celebrate love. Similarly, though I love this ‘kindness craze’ – I urge others not to wait until they are ‘nominated’ before being considerate.

In my opinion, Valentine’s should act as a reminder to be grateful.

Not just our loved ones, our friends, our families

But to every single person that has walked through our lives.

Thank you to: That ‘rude so-and-so’

-He’s helped your patience and compassion.

Thank you to: The ‘friend’ that never contacts you anymore?

-They’ve taught you what it means to be a true friend and to be grateful for the ones that have proved their worth in your life.

Thank you to: ‘The ones that try to shatter your dreams’

-heartbreakingly these people might be those closest to you.

-upon confrontation, they may even downplay their words and accuse of you not taking a joke.


-They’ve taught you to surround yourself only around those who lift you higher!

So as we start #RAKWeek, make it your mission to be grateful and to share some love.

I have my Kindness ‘To Do List’, do you have yours?

Whether you choose to get involved with the #RAKnominations by videoing yourself, to combat the #NEKnominations, or whether you decide to commit to an act of kindness that is anonymous –

Let’s go forth confidently and embrace the kindness. After all,

‘If you’re not making another person’s life better, then you are wasting your time’ – Will Smith

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