Don’t Miss: East Meets West 2014

East Meets West (EMW) – The Longest Running Student Show in the UK

Are you ready?

Each year, EMW promises to showcase a huge variety of culturally diverse acts whilst giving away its profits to charity. Mixing the traditional with the contemporary and sprinkled with Bollywood masala in a West End settingEMW 2014 looks to be even bigger and better than before!

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A Little Valentine Birthday Wish

So for those of you that have been staying updated with #FAFE, you’ll know that the month of February was: ‘Don’t be scared to be yourself’.

This #FAFE in particular requires a little help from some dedicated TAD readers…


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Dinner at Criterion

Central London is the hub of musical theatre, comedy clubs and music events. A thrifty tourist’s dream is to find a great pre-theatre meal or evening out without the sometimes extortionate price tag.

Enter Criterion.


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Time to RumBungo…

The Rum Kitchen is a great little place to meet for casual drinks after work or to warm yourself with some tasty helpings of jerk chicken and forget about a cold and rainy London town!

The Rum Kitchen

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February’s Face A Fear Everyday – (Try Saying That With Your Mouth Full)….

Face A Fear Everyday for February

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Have you broken your New Year’s Resolution yet? Here’s ours…

If you’ve been following the blog since January onwards, you’ll know that for 2014, I didn’t want to try the usual New Year’s resolutions.

Instead, I wanted to try something different and more sustainable which is why I started #FAFE or #FacingAFearEveryday for each month of 2014.


–If you remember, the #FaceAFearEveryday for January was to try something new, so now that’s it’s February, let me share with you all how I got on!

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