Chai & Chats with: Alix Marina-Chouhan

‘La Vie Est Belle’– Lumière Photography 

Lumiere Photography

– Well life always seems beautiful when you have Alix from Lumière Photography capturing the most precious moments of your life! The Asian Destination (TAD) catch up with Alix (AM-C) on her passion for photography and her love of Asian weddings!


TAD: Could you tell us a little bit about how you got into photography? Was it always a passion of yours?

AM-C: As a kid I used to frame with my fingers, in 1996 I had a book published- didn’t mean to, just happened, than I started selling travel photos, and one day a friend asked me to take some photos at his Asian wedding, there was a photographer but he knew I liked taking photos. At the end he liked mine better and I started my business.

Lumiere Photography

TAD: You have photographed a lot of Asian Weddings, what is it about them that makes them so different?
AM-C: I love the colours, decorations, the flowers, coconut, betel nuts, Ganesh, Mehndi, the ceremonies at home too, the photos of those who aren’t with us yet are, the jewels, the saris, the dancing afterwards, the tearful goodbyes, the games people play with the shoe, the car.. it’s an adventure, scripted but always unique.


TAD: Have you done many Asian fusion weddings (Brit/Asian)? You’re married to a Gujarati yourself, how do you ensure you get to capture the mixture of cultures and traditions?

AM-C: Yes I do photograph a lot of mixed marriages, and our wedding was a mix of traditions, very unique. I photograph what is, I don’t invent anything but I am on the look out for whatever makes this wedding unique, meaningful to the couple and the family.


TAD: What are your favourite moments to photograph?
AM-C: The best had to be a birth, that was magical. In weddings, I like the preparations, all the moments that are more personal, emotional, that’s what makes it for me, the heart. I shoot from the heart.

TAD: What’s next for you? What are your future upcoming projects?

AM-C: I’d love to photograph a Sikh wedding, I did a Hindu Punjabi wedding so there were elements of Sikh culture there but I’d like to do a full wedding. Also I have started traveling- 5 countries for weddings so far so I’d love to do pre-wedding and wedding shoots abroad. But mainly I just want to meet more couples and follow their journey before, during and after the wedding, it warms my heart.

Have you been inspired by Alix’s story? Are you looking for a photographer? 

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