Chai & Chats with: Alix Marina-Chouhan

‘La Vie Est Belle’– Lumière Photography 

Lumiere Photography

– Well life always seems beautiful when you have Alix from Lumière Photography capturing the most precious moments of your life! The Asian Destination (TAD) catch up with Alix (AM-C) on her passion for photography and her love of Asian weddings!

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Are you a member of The Club?

Are YOU a member of The Club…or are you a Scaredy Cat?

The Breakfast Club

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Only 1 Day Left!!

Skating’s not just for Christmas!

Somerset House

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Christmas doesn’t have to be over just yet! Here’s why…

Winter Wonderland

Okay. So, Christmas may be officially over BUT if you’re in London, you can still enjoy the festivities for one more weekend. This is your last chance to enjoy Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park so if you haven’t visited yet…why not?!

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Dear Asian Parents………Sincerely India’s Daughters


Dear (Asian) Parents,

We understand your concern. We too are disgusted, outraged and appalled at not only the apathy but the handling of women’s safety in India.

We’ve watched the documentary on women’s safety in India and we have our own personal experiences to go by. We know why you don’t want us travelling alone but we also know that it’s more detrimental to a society to live in fear.

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Happy New YOU in 2014 & #FAFE2014 Launch!

Wishing our TAD readers a very Happy New Year!

Let’s start today by honouring where we’ve come from while we pursue our dreams for 2014 & now for a little surprise

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