WANTED: Accountability Partner 2014

Recruit An Accountability Partner

So it’s nearing the end of November – How did that happen?!

We all know what that means; the holiday season is upon us & the New Year is fast approaching.

I hear you say: ‘It’s not even December yet!!’

BUT it’s time to start planning now.

Statistics show that only about 8% of people keep to their New Year’s Resolutions!

However with an Accountability Partner,



We hate to look bad in front of other people.

It may seem simple, but it’s true. If we know someone is checking up on us, we’re more likely to stick to a goal. Though there was a lot more training I could have done when I was training my charity 10K run, the more people I told about it, the more times I felt a pressure to follow through and keep my word & to do myself proud.

WANTED: Accountability Partner 2014

So can anyone be an accountability partner?

An Accountability Partner needs to have certain qualities so choose wisely recruiting one!

1.        They won’t judge you

You feel comfortable talking to them about those goals you’ve previously disregarded as ‘unrealistic’. If they’re likely to laugh, scoff or diminish your dreams in any way, shape or form, you haven’t found your person!

 2.        They aren’t afraid to tell you the brutal truth

A true friendship involves honesty. This means not being afraid to tell the other person how it is & also means being willing to take it. Honesty can be a bitter medicine to swallow but without it may lead to unnecessary suffering. So in the long run, you need a friend that you trust.

 3.        Their positivity will help to uplift, inspire and encourage you.

We all have friends that focus on the negative and forget about the positive. This is one role where positivity is fundamental for success. There will be times when you spiral into self-doubt, worry or just lose sight of why you started. Your accountability partner’s job is to help you get back on track without judgment and to help you believe in yourself when you find it difficult to.

Are there any other traits you’re looking for in an accountability partner? Feel free to comment below!

Good Luck!


The Asian Destination xo 

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