Ben, we’re in love with your cookies…

If you happen to be in London, you may have stumbled across Ben’s Cookies…

Ben's Cookies

If not, look out for this little shop of sweet goodness.

It’s home to the softest cookies in town, staying gooey for a record amount of time, these treats are perfect treat after a long day with a spot of tea.

If you’re feeling generous, why not stock up on a gift tin?

Quickest way to become the popular kid at work…

that’s if you don’t munch your way through them beforehand!

Prefer eating out?

Have you tried:



The Rum Kitchen

The Criterion Restaurant

The Breakfast Club

Sweet craving? Make sure you try:


Paul’s Macaroons

Or were you after a cheeky drink at:

The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town

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Twitter: @TAD_Ananya@TheAsianD

Instagram: theasiandestination




8 thoughts on “Ben, we’re in love with your cookies…

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