Sorry. Lo siento. Mi dispiace. Het spijt me. Maaf karna.

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We know. We know. Where HAS The Asian Destination been hiding?!

Did you miss us?

The answer to that is – YES, of course!

(You have no choice now, we’re back and planning on sticking around now!)

So what happened?

1. LIFE happened.

2. For various reasons, we ended up MISSING OUT on summer (this should NOT be allowed. Pass me the suggestion box…)

3. Got ill (TYPICAL).

& then this happened:

4. Writers’ Block.

So Yes.

Have you ever been in the position where you know you need to apologise after a stupid argument with someone…and the longer you leave it, the harder it gets?

Well, much like that – it became increasingly difficult to get back on it and write a post.

ANY post.


Want to know a secret? You want to know what the real plan was?

Of course you do.

The plan was: to wow you in the month of October with some new and exciting things.

The reality?

Well, this is The ADestination – so our desi roots may have caught up with us and we may be running slightly behind schedule…just a TAD (brownie points if you saw what we did there…)

We might be desi, but we’re also a little OCD.

If we’re going to carry out something, we want to do it right, which meant that we’d originally decided to post on 1st October.

But here we are. Please accept our utmost apologies for the delay but más vale tarde que nunca…better late than never!

And hopefully you won’t be too disappointed with us because we have some new posts that you’ll just need to stay tuned in for, including a guest post by Lucy from Feed You Fashion!

So while you wait, click here to familiarise yourself!

Happy Monday! xo

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