Where were you one year ago today?


So if you’ve been following The Asian Destination for a while, you’ll have to come to realise that we dedicate one quote or saying for each new day.

There is always a reason behind posting and today I want to share the story behind today’s ‘Destination Inspiration’.

This time last year, I could only dream of the future. I had just finished finals and was stuck in the awkward ‘in-between’ stage of not knowing whether to prematurely celebrate success or failure of results, not knowing whether I’d done enough to secure my place for higher studies. For many, 2012 was tough, myself included. The prospect of ‘next year’ seemed like a distant dream. Yet, somehow, through some sort of miracle, it happened. I graduated & am writing to you from London, almost at the end of my Masters.

‘Be kind. Everyone is fighting a hard battle.’ – Plato

Whatever struggles you were battling through last year, don’t compare them to someone else’s or belittle them.

Your personal journey does not need to be compared.

Just stop and take a moment to look back at the footprints that have led you here. You are exactly where you need to be & even if you’re not quite *there* yet, be so proud of how far you have come!

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