Destination: Inspiration (110) 20th April 2013

make it count


The Wall

Every worthwhile journey, comes with obstacles and challenges.

During academic work especially, there were always moments of great resistance moments in between starting an essay and handing it in.

Others, have, in the past termed this, The Wall. It seems determined to stand tall defiantly, regardless of the force at which you try to push through it and knock it down.

We have all probably experienced The Wall, in one form or another.

Tomorrow marks the day many runners have been waiting for: 21st April, the day of the London Marathon 2013.

According to statistics, most non-elite runners seem to ‘hit The Wall’ around the 20 mile mark. ‘Hitting The Wall’ in endurance sports seems to be the body’s natural response to being physically ‘exhausted’ and can be overcome with appropriate energy snacking and hydration.

Yet even equipped with the best nutritional resources or the best essay/dissertation strategy, it’s sometimes inevitable that we reach a point where our morale drops.

When we lose all hope, what is it that keeps us going?

Somehow that essay will get done & the finish line will be in sight (finally!)

It is as if we have a reserve store of strength that can only be accessed ‘in case of emergency’.

This inner strength seems to help us when we are about to lose hope and just quit altogether. It will carry us to where we are meant to go and where we are meant to be, as long as we are willing to follow our instincts.

So what marathon are you on today?

What have you been working towards for so long, but are feeling like quitting?

Is it your final report or dissertation?

Have you been rejected from numerous job interviews and have lost all hope?

Or are you at one of those inevitable crossroads of life, contemplating which direction to take?

Whichever Wall you’re struggling with today, just know that you are exactly where you need to be.

However much The Wall seems to tower over you, keep standing tall and standing your ground. You may have hit The Wall but it will not conquer you, you have the capacity to take it down, brick by brick.

The Wall may be in the form of procrastination – Facebook, Twitter and YouTube that’s stopping you from focusing on your coursework. Or maybe you’re fantasising about food which is strictly ‘off-limits’ on a specific diet that you’re on…or maybe it’s even the dreaded ’20 mile mark’ in the upcoming marathon.

When you hit The Wall, remind yourself of why you started. Imagine the feeling you will have when you cross that (possibly metaphorical) finish line. The feeling of accomplishment, satisfaction and pride will be well worth the pain of a ‘fried brain’ through excessive writing or body exhaustion.

This is your moment. Make it count.

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