Destination: Inspiration (107) 17th April 2013




We’ve heard it all before haven’t we?

‘Live every day as if it was your last’

Sometimes though, that’s easier said than done.

What stops us? Often it’s fear.

Sometimes the fear of failure is so big that we forget to even try!

Sometimes it’s the fear of not being accepted by peers; the fear of rejection by family, friends, peers.


But surely there needs to be a little fear for us to strive for better results or even bigger goals.

Maybe that fear is what we need to make sure we are progressing and stepping out of our comfort zone (within reason, of course…unless you like being a bit of an adrenaline junkie!)

A fulfilled life often consists of a balance between: necessary certainty in our lives (we are creatures of habit, we like a schedule) combined with bursts of necessary uncertainty (these scary things require us to step out of our comfort zone and ‘DO things’!)

There is of course, unnecessary uncertainty – may cause thrills but may not be essential for your personal growth.

I once heard that to differentiate between ‘necessary uncertainty’ and ‘unnecessary certainty’ you should ask yourself the following question:

‘Would I regret not doing this on my deathbed?’

A bit morbid, but does the job into putting things into persepective.

If the answer was ‘yes’, then you have your answer.

No matter how scared the decision makes you, you know that you would regret not doing it in the future.

So today: Set yourself one small act to attain. It may be a tiny baby step in comparison to your ultimate goal, however, as long as you keep moving, you’ll be one step closer to achieving your dream.

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