Destination: Inspiration (106) 16th April 2013



Take a moment to remember the fallen & the injured.

Not just from yesterday’s Boston marathon but those from all across the world, especially the ones that go miss out on such high profile media exposure. Did you know 30 civilians were killed at an Afghan wedding today?

Take a moment to put your daily worries into perspective.


Do you have a deadline fast approaching?

If you are a student with a deadline, you are lucky enough to be getting an education.


Did you oversleep this morning?

You are probably lucky enough to have a warm bed to go to in the evening & a shelter for the night.


Did you just have an argument with someone?

Be grateful you have loved ones that you can call your family & friends.

Take a moment to see the light in every situation.

After yesterday’s events at the Boston Marathon, the citizens of Boston turned to helping distressed marathon runners by offering them their own homes as shelter. A local restaurant, El Pelon even offered people a place to charge their phones, food and drink or ‘just a place to calm themselves’ saying, ‘pay only if you can’.


So today:

Be grateful for what you have & know that you are blessed.

Take a moment to pray for those less fortunate around the world – pray not just for the victims but for the perpetrators as well.


‘We need to be the peace we want to see & return good for evil’ – Charley Roth.

Sources: Thomson Reuters 2013,


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