Destination: Inspiration (101) 11th April 2013


Whether you’re a fan of Kanye West or not, one thing will still be true…we’re all striving to achieve something. We may have succeeded in one aspect of our lives, but there is always more we can do or have the desire to achieve.

This is a similar post to last week’s post on Charlie Brown’s song, ‘On My Way’. Here, we are aware of the end point, e.g. a set of exams, a deadline, maybe an interview that we need to prepare for. We may be working hard for it but we know there is more we can do and that there is room for improvement during the process.

Don’t lose sight of the end goal, stay focused and when you feel like quitting, remember why you started.

One last thing, a lot of the time we are too fixated on the final goal; life does not work out how we plan. You may put everything into preparing for an interview but still be unsuccessful.

Remember to enjoy the journey because that’s where we learn the most. 

So today: Know your destination & enjoy the view whilst you ride! 

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