Destination: Inspiration (99) 9th April 2013

see the invisible

Most of us would like to do our bit for the world; we fund raise, we volunteer in countries far and wide, we try to live our lives with integrity. Sometimes however, we forget to see that we can also make a difference closer to home, by seeing ‘the invisible’, the ones everyone else forgets about.

‘It always seems impossible, until it is done’ – Nelson Mandela

Many of our most essential gadgets or inventions stemmed from one single idea, nurtured by unwavering faith that one day, it would take shape and prove its worth.

So today:

Take a moment to observe through a different lens. Was that person just being rude this morning, or were they actually stressed because of their situation at home? Did you see the homeless man huddled up next to the tube station or did you walk on by?

Today: See the Invisible; see the people, see their own individual stories.

Did something happy by coincidence? Was it too good to be true?

Today: Believe the incredible.

We all get frustrated when things don’t go a certain way. Don’t give up, persevere or try a different approach. Whatever you do…

Today: Attempt the impossible. 

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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