Destination: Bangladesh

Destination: Bangladesh

‘Be prepared to fall in love with Bangladesh’

Thameenah shares her personal experiences of visiting Bangladesh with The Asian Destination.



Areas visited: Sylhet, Dhaka, Chittagong.

Duration of Stay: I stay there usually around 3-4 weeks with my mum’s side of the family, in a village in Sylhet. Fubari is really picturesque, calm and beautiful.



What I like about Bangladesh: The beautiful scenery and relaxed rural villages where life is simple. Yet, I love how that contrasts with the busy, hectic hubbub of the towns. It’s just so colourful; people, animals all over the roads with all diff coloured tiny taxis and rickshaws – it’s so alive!



Favourite place: The villages, especially a tea farm I went to, years back.



Bangladesh in 3 words. Vibrant, tranquil and beautiful.

Source: commons.wikimedia.org2

Source: commons.wikimedia.org2

I was surprised by: the amount of people you can fit in a car!

The people are: very curious and inquisitive about us ‘foreigners’

What I miss: Everything – It’s just so different.

A strange experience I encountered:Having to have a shower with a frog in the bathroom!



One thing the guide books don’t tell you: They don’t tell you how emotionally attached you’ll become to everyone, even the helpers at home; they don’t tell you how emotional it is to see the poor people and hear their stories.

Any other advice I would give to those thinking about visiting Bangladesh: Be prepared to fall in love with Bangladesh.



Would you go back? Yes

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